just another day for Theo

For most of us, saving the world might seem like a Herculean undertaking, but for Theo, it’s just a way of doing business, ethically. The privately owned chocolate manufacturer just released its latest version of what I like to call cocoactivist bars: the Congo bars, in vanilla nib or pili pili chili.


I fancy the vanilla bar, myself, and I think Audrey would agree too. At 65% dark chocolate, this bar isn’t just good for your karma, it’s good for your physical health and mood. So what’s the other 35%?

Clearly, this is a bar that cocoactivists and connoisseurs alike can both agree on. Not only does it pack in fair trade ingredients, but it is a wondrous compilation of cocoa cubed: cocoa beans plus cocoa nibs plus cocoa butter!

But you’re not just a health nut, chocolate lover, and activist–you’re a knowledge-seeker and you want details! Now! Like what does being IMO certified mean?

“Many little people, in many little places, taking many little steps, can change the face of the world.”

African Proverb

According to the IMO site, “Fair for Life Social & FairTrade Certification guarantees that human rights are guaranteed at any stage of production, that workers enjoy good and fair working conditions and that smallholder farmers receive a fair share.” Where does Theo fall in this scheme? See for yourself:

So now you know. Theo has yet another product you can feel good about buying. No corn syrup. No gluten. No soy. No bleaching. No random ingredients that you can’t pronounce.

But $5 for a chocolate bar? That seems pricey. You can get a chocolate bar for under a buck and get to enjoy Soy Lecithin and Vanillin–that’s kinda like vanilla, right? Of course my favorite reading of the ingredients list is when you really read it: “Milk Chocolate (Milk Chocolate Contains…Chocolate…).” So what exactly is in the chocolate that is in the milk chocolate??

But does Theo really care about chocolate the way you do?

Still not satisfied? Bet you would be if you had a chocolate bar.

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3 Responses to just another day for Theo

  1. Mark Vulfson says:

    Great article! I love Theo chocolate!

    • Thanks! The weather has shifted to hot cereal season since I wrote this article so I’ve been experimenting, again. Suggestion: cook steel cut oatmeal; then chop apples and dried apricots and toss them in a fry pan with butter and brown sugar. Top the oatmeal with the fruit and sprinkle on Theo’s cocoa nibs. OR, for those who can eat wheat (myself excluded) make cream of wheat, melt Theo chocolate into the hot cereal, then top with cocoa nibs. Cocoa nibs are a great way to get the nutrients everyone raves about chocolate having–without any extra ingredients. It’s also a great substitute for those avoiding sugar, because you get to control what sweeteners you use!

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